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Tip Charts

Too excited to try every color out there? We understand. With our nails, manicure and pedicure boards you`ll never have that problem again. The idea is simple: Nail artist look-a-likes can use these boards as quick references for shaping & polishing tips. Tip charts for nails are an awesome way to get nail ideas and try out different colors before placing them on your fingers. The idea is simple, but the effects can be amazing! Practice new techniques or learn how to do a French manicure using nails sample tip charts as reference.

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Nail Drills

Nail Capital USA's finest nail salon UV/LED machines. Made in the U.S., these machines come at a fair price and with years of proven performance. Choose from complete packages or just what you need for your specific needs to give you an edge on this tough market since opening your doors! There is also a gelish section that can offer nail cabinets, gel polish, lamp and make-up kiosks as well as anything else you may be interested in such as adding massage chairs into your beauty space!

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Nail Capital is a multi-functional variety pack that helps with the waxing process! Nail Capital contains an assortment of products such as wooden sticks to assist in increasing ease during waxing; muslin rolls for creating perfect surfaces before application; Gigi Wax, the very same wax used by professionals around the world; lotion for protection of sensitive skin post-wax. The packaging features bright colors and outlines on each individual container for easy identification and visual appeal

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Wholesale Nail Products For Sale

If you are looking for an online store where you can buy premium nail products in the USA at a wholesale price, then you could find a better companion for your needs than Nail Capital USA. Nail Capital USA is the leading wholesale nail supply store online for one to buy nail products at highly affordable prices in the USA.

There are several tips and tricks that one can utilize when choosing the right nail polish for them, but the easiest of the lot is choosing a nail polish that matches one's skin tone and complements their style. We are providing many options for you where you can select the right nail polish.

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