What Are Nail Artist Challenges For Every Skill Level?


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The nail art business has become an increasingly popular form of artistic expression in recent years. With so many stunning designs being shared on social media, it can be intimidating for beginners to know where to start. The great news is there are nail art challenges perfectly suited for every skill level - whether you're just starting or have been doing advanced nail designs for years. 

Challenges for Beginner Nail Artists

If you're new to nail art, start with some of these easy yet eye-catching challenges:

1. Simple Nude Gradient

This subtle and stylish look only requires two nude or neutral nail polish colors. Paint your base coat starting with the lighter color on most of the nail and gently blending up into the darker shade. Add a glossy clear coat to smooth and finish.

2. Black and White Nail Art

Black and white always make a graphic, stylish statement. Try painting alternate nails solid black and solid white for stark contrast. Or, paint on simple black geometric shapes like stripes, triangles, or dots against an all-white background. 

3. Rainbow Accent Nail

Paint all but one nail with a single color as the base. Then, use tape or nail guides to section off the accent nail into rainbow stripes - apply red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple polish to each stripe. Finish with a clear top coat to smooth and protect.

4. Marble Nail Art

This might sound intricate but marble nail art is one of the easier techniques for beginners. Simply drop a few colors of polish into a cup of room-temperature water. Swirl gently with a toothpick, then dip in your nail to transfer the marble effect.

Intermediate Nail Art Challenges 

Ready to skill up with some more advanced nail looks? Try these artistic challenges:

1. Stamped Animal Print Nails   

Nail stamping takes practice but it opens up a world of possibilities for unique designs. Opt for an animal print stamp plate - think leopard, zebra, or snakeskin patterns. Apply polish, scraper, and stamper as directed to transfer the patterns onto your nails for a safari chic style.

2. Gradient Dotted Nails 

Combining techniques levels up any manicure. First, paint on a color gradient starting dark at the cuticle and fading lighter towards the free edge. Then using a dotting tool, neatly add rows of coordinating colored dots in gradually increasing sizes down each nail. 

3. Frosted Tip French Manicure

Give the classic French manicure look a cool update with frosted tips instead of white. Apply black polish as your base color. Then use a makeup sponge to dab on a sparkly silver topcoat onto the nail tips. File any uneven edges for extra neatness. 

4. Gold Leaf Temporary Tattoos

Metallic temporary tattoos intended for the skin also apply beautifully to nails for instant bling. Select small gold leaf motifs and follow the instructions to transfer the designs onto your nails. Outline the delicate gold details with black polish to make them stand out.  

Advanced Nail Design Challenges


Ready to put your nail art skills to the test? Take a shot at recreating these salon-worthy designs:

1. Water Marbled galaxies 

This impressive look requires some practice but makes a stellar impact. Fill a cup with room-temperature water and gently drop several colors of polish onto the surface to create vibrant expanding color patterns. Lightly dip a toothpick into the colors to intensify the swirled effect. Then dip your nail in to transfer the miniature galaxy onto your nail before sealing it in with a fast-drying top coat for smoothness and shine. 

2. Pop Art Comic Nails

Recreate retro pop art vibes by hand painting bright, bold comic-style designs onto a black or white base color. Use striping tape to outline block letters, thought bubbles, and Pow! style onomatopoeia effects. Keep the overall layout graphic and use contrasting neon shades for maximum impact.   

3. Jeweled Scarab Beetle Nails 

Elevate your nail game by trying out nail jewelry or charms. Look for miniature bejeweled scarab beetle charms, which you can attach to your accent finger using strong nail glue. First, apply glitter polish or metallic foil wraps to all nails. Then gently press the beetle charm onto the nail, allowing proper drying time. Finish with a layer of clear gel topcoat to protect and adhere to the charm securely.


The wonderful thing about nail art is there are challenges suitable for every skill level. As a beginner, stick with simple gradient, black and white graphics, or marble looks. Step it up with more intricate stamped, dotted, or frosted designs once you have some experience. And seasoned nail artists can recreate salon-worthy water marble galaxies, pop art comics, or bejeweled beetle nails. The artistic possibilities are endless with nails - start practicing your chosen challenge today!  To take your nail art to the next level, make sure you have all the necessary tools and accessories. Visit Nail Capital USA to find a wide range of nail art supplies, including brushes, dotting tools, stamping plates, and charms. With the right tools at your disposal, you'll be able to create stunning designs and bring your nail art visions to life.

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