How To Strengthen Your Nails - Best Ways You Need To Know


How to strengthen your nails

Weak, brittle nails that crack, peel and break easily can be frustrating. Many factors contribute to unhealthy nails - from nutrition to lifestyle habits to aging. While manicures may provide temporary strength, the effects don’t last long. Strengthening your nails takes time and consistency.

The good news is there are multiple natural ways you can help reinforce and condition your nails back to health. Certain key nutrients, products and habits make a big difference. Consistently practicing nail care best practices lead to noticeable improvements in their appearance and resilience.

This article covers the top most effective tips dermatologists and nail stylists recommend for strengthening fragile nails from the inside out. Learn how to help your nails reach their maximum growth potential!

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Tips on How to Strengthen Your Nails

1. Moisturize Your Nails and Cuticles 

Keeping your nails and cuticles moisturized is key for strong, healthy nails. Daily hydrate the nail plate and cuticles using nail oil, cream or lotion daily. Jojoba oil, vitamin E oil and shea butter are great options. Gently massage the moisture into your nails and cuticles for a few minutes daily. This helps prevent cracking and peeling.

2. Take Biotin Supplements

Keratin production, which is what your hair and nails are made of, is aided by biotin, also known as vitamin B7. Taking 2.5mg of biotin daily can help strengthen brittle nails and prevent splitting and breakage. Look for biotin supplements or multivitamins containing biotin. Studies show that biotin supplementation results in 25% thicker nails after 5-7 months.

3. Use a Base Coat 

Apply a base coat underneath your colored nail polish to help reinforce and protect your nails. Base coats fill in ridges on the nail plate to create a smooth surface that polishes can better adhere to. They also often contain strengthening ingredients like calcium, vitamins and silk fibers. This helps prevent staining, splitting and breakage from nail polish.  

4. Avoid Harsh Chemicals

Frequent exposure to cleaning products, solvents, acetone and other chemicals can dry out nails and cause damage over time. Wear protective gloves when using harsh chemicals and avoid acetone-based nail polish removers. Natural oil-based removers with vitamin E and aloe vera are gentler options. Limit exposure when possible or apply a nourishing cuticle oil after to counteract the effects.

5. Wear Rubber Gloves for Wet Work  

Washing dishes, laundry, and other wet work causes nails to expand and contract, making them brittle. Protect your hands by wearing well-fitted rubber gloves during these activities. Cotton lined gloves will also help absorb excess moisture. Always thoroughly dry your nails and apply cuticle oil after wet work. The oil helps moisture-proof while restoring lost nutrients.  

6. Eat a Nutrient-rich Rich Diet

Incorporating nutrients like protein, calcium, iron, silica and omega-3 fatty acids into your diet helps optimize nail health from within. Foods high in these include fish, eggs, spinach, lentils, nuts and seeds. Support keratin production with amino acids from protein-rich foods. Give your body the building blocks to grow strong nails with a balanced, nutritious diet. 

7. File Nails Properly  

Improper nail filing can lead to thinning, peeling and cracking. Use a high-quality emery board and file nails in one direction only. File gently and avoid harsh back-and-forth motions. Round the tips slightly to redistribute force across the nail plate. Don’t file off too much length in one session, which weakens nails. Filing every 2-3 weeks is sufficient for the average person.  

8. Stimulate Nail Growth with Massage

Massaging your nails and cuticles helps increase blood circulation, which delivers nutrients and stimulates growth. Use your thumbs to apply pressure circularly along the nail bed. Or use a tool with a stone tip designed specifically for cuticle massage. Spend a few minutes massaging each nail 2-3 times weekly to support new, healthy nail cells.

9. Stay Hydrated

Dehydration can lead to dry, brittle nails that crack and split easily. Ensure you drink plenty of water and eat moisturizing foods like fruits, vegetables and bone broth. Getting sufficient hydrating fluids supports nail flexibility and strength. Aim for around 2 liters or 8 glasses of fluids daily for average adults. Infused waters with fruit are tasty options.

10. Apply Solar Oil

Solar oil is exactly what it sounds like - oil you apply before going out in the sun. The UV rays shine through the oil and help cure it into the nail plate for reinforcement. Solar oil is typically made with natural oils like jojoba, grapeseed, and sun protectants. Apply it underneath sunscreen before any sun exposure for stronger summer nails. The warmth of the sun helps the oil absorb and sink in.

Nail Strengthening Products Are Here to Help!

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Moisturizing daily, taking biotin, using a base coat, avoiding chemicals, wearing gloves for wet work, eating nutrient-rich foods, and proper filing can all help strengthen weak, brittle nails over time. Implement a combination of these tips to see thicker, healthier-looking nails. Be patient, though, as nails take time to grow and show improvement. With some TLC, your nails will be stronger than ever!

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