What are Sustainable Nail Polish Care Practices?


Sustainable Nail Polish

Taking care of your nails in an environmentally-friendly way has become an increasing concern for many manicure enthusiasts. With growing awareness of the environmental impact of typical nail salon practices, more and more people are looking for sustainable alternatives that are kinder to the planet.  

Implementing sustainable habits into your regular nail care routine can make a meaningful difference in reducing waste, avoiding exposure to harmful chemicals, and lowering your carbon footprint. In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the best eco-friendly nail care options to incorporate into your lifestyle.

Tips for Sustainable Nail Care Practice

1. Using Non-Toxic Polish and Remover 

Standard nail polishes often contain ingredients like formaldehyde, toluene, dibutyl phthalate (DBP), and other chemicals that are known irritants and pollutants. By switching to non-toxic polish that is free of these harsh additives, you can avoid exposing yourself and the environment to their dangers.  

There are now many terrific options for water-based, vegan, and 5-free polishes made from natural ingredients like plants, minerals, and essential oils. Popular sustainable nail polish brands include Zoya, Sundays, and Piggy Paint.

When removing polish, skip the acetone-laden removers, which evaporate into the air and cause pollution. Instead, use plant-based, acetate-free polish removers that use ingredients like soy, lavender, and vitamin E. Popular options include Karma Organic Nail Polish Remover and Zoya Remove Plus Nail Polish Remover.

2. Filing Instead of Trimming 

Toenail trimming produces sharp, keratin-rich clippings that are non-biodegradable and often wind up in landfills or littering streets. Filing your nails instead helps reduce this environmental waste.  

Well-made crystal nail files, like those from Karma Nails and JinSoon, are washable, reusable, and last a long time. Using a high-quality file to shape your nails, rather than trimming them, cuts down on waste while still leaving your nails looking neat and attractive.

3. Using Water-Based Nail Treatments

Many classic nail treatments and oils use chemicals that get washed down the drain and into water systems. Choosing plant-powered, water-based alternatives instead helps lower your ecological impact.  

Ethique and Benecos make excellent water-based nail treatments that hydrate and strengthen nails with natural ingredients. And for cuticle care, Karma Organic’s olive oil-based Cuticle Cream softens the delicate skin around nails without the harsh solvents.

4. Seeking Out Eco-Conscious Salons

If you regularly get professional manicures and pedicures, you can still make sustainable choices by finding a salon focused on eco-friendly practices. Look for nail salons that take steps like:

  • Using non-toxic polish and removers 
  • Properly disposing of nail clippings instead of littering water supplies
  • Ventilating spaces to avoid airborne chemical accumulation
  • Sanitizing tools properly to prevent cross-contamination
  • Opting for reusable tools instead of disposable plastic ones  

While these green nail salons used to be rare, demand has led more salons to implement earth-kind practices. Do some research to find one in your area committed to sustainability.

5. At-Home Nail Care Best Practices

Even if you generally paint your own nails at home, a few adjustments can make your DIY manicure session greener:

  • Allow bottles to fully dry before disposing to avoid leakage of leftover polish in landfills. 
  • Use nail polish remover sparingly on a sponge, instead of soaking entire cotton balls with it.
  • Compost or trash clippings instead of washing them down drains.
  • Swap disposable plastic tools for reusable steel, glass, or crystal ones that last longer term.
  • Allow ventilation while painting nails and until polish dries to avoid inhaling fumes.  

Following these simple sustainable habits during at-home manicures reduces your environmental impact.

Sourcing Sustainable Nail Care Products 

Once you know what to look for in earth-friendly nail care, the next step is actually tracking down reliable sustainable products to incorporate into your routine. Knowing the top recommended brands and retailers makes building eco-conscious nail care habits much smoother.

Leading Sustainable Polish Brands

For non-toxic polish, remover, treatments, and other nail essentials, turn to specialist sustainable brands like:

  • Zoya: With a huge range of on-trend colors, the widely available Zoya brand sets the standard for non-toxic, vegan, 5-free polish.
  • Sundays: Sundays goes a step further as a non-toxic, vegan, 10-free polish focused on transparency about ingredients plus beautiful colors.
  • Piggy Paint: A favorite for children’s polish, this brand uses natural ingredients and comes in lots of kid-friendly shades.
  • Kester Black: This carbon-neutral Australian brand features natural, cruelty-free polishes in fashion-forward tones.
  • KL Polish: Founded by celebrity Kourtney Kardashian, KL Polish sells high-performing sustainable polishes.  

DIY Supplies

If you want to get really hands-on with your eco-friendly nail care habits, you can even make some treatments yourself using natural ingredients. DIY recipes only require a few ingredients purchasable at natural grocers or online shops like:  

  • Mountain Rose Herbs: This retailer offers plant-based ingredients like oils, butters, beeswax to whip up home nail treatments.
  • Vitacost: Vitacost sells affordable natural ingredients for concocting DIY polishes and treatments.

Putting Sustainable Nail Care Into Practice

Embracing green nail care means forming new positive habits over time. Begin putting earth-friendly nail practices into action using the following starter tips:  

1. Phase Out Harsh Products  

The first step often entails a trip through your existing nail care stash to identify products containing concerning ingredients like formaldehyde, toluene, phthalates, and parabens. Gradually using up and replacing these items with non-toxic options helps facilitate change.  

2. Try a Non-Toxic Polish

Exploring that first bottle of plant-based polish picks, like Zoya or Piggy Paint, opens the door to adopting alternatives. Testing different sustainable polishes and removers helps you find new trusty brands to make your staples.  

3. Book an Appointment at an Eco Salon  

Scheduling some initial appointments at green nail salons in your locale allows you to assess their sustainable practices first-hand while pampering yourself. This grants peace of mind for making them your new regular spot.

4. Set a “No-Trim” Rule  

If you currently use nail trimmers to maintain shaping and length, set a rule to swap to an crystal file instead. This simple guideline trains you to reach for the more eco-friendly filing option instead moving forward.

Implementing any small sustainable switches ultimately trains your brain and habits towards earth-kinder nail care long-term.

Why Sustainable Nail Care Matters

Committing to more sustainable nail care supports environmental health and your own health simultaneously. Adopting green nail practices:

Produces Less Waste  

From polish clippings to cotton balls to plastic tools, standard manicures generate heaps of waste. Choosing reusable tools and more mindful habits cuts down on refuse headed towards landfills.

Avoids Toxic Chemical Outputs

With less dumping of polish residue, removal cotton balls, and trimmings into drains and trash systems, sustainable nail care limits environmental toxin accumulation from salons and DIY care. 

Lowers Your Toxin Exposure  

Eliminating contact with the harsh additives found in typical polishes and removers reduces toxin intake for both nail care professionals and clients. Making non-toxic care the norm improves public health.

Makes Care More Accessible  

Using less caustic ingredients opens up nail care to people with sensitivities who previously couldn’t withstand exposure to vapors and fluids common in standard polishes and salons.

Building greener habits around nail care carries multiple advantages from environmental to health outcomes. Adopting more sustainable practices ultimately enables the popular pampering pastime to have a kinder collective impact.


Sustainable nail care may require small adjustments to your current routine, whether that entails finding a new salon or switching up a few product staples. But implementing little changes ends up making a cumulative positive impact over time. As more manicure aficionados opt for green practices, it helps set new industry norms and gives companies incentives to further improve.

Ultimately, taking care of your nails can coincide perfectly with taking care of the planet too. Seeking out non-toxic polish or booking appointments at zero waste salons lets you walk out with an eco-friendly glow to match your fresh coat of shine. Working towards sustainability never goes out of style. So lead the trendsetting pack by letting your next manicure reflect your values. 

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